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Public Service Request is the clearinghouse for public sector service requests across North America and the UK. It’s a free-to-the-public tool, enabling citizens to send requests for services directly to Public Service Providers, to report issues, get information, apply for licenses or permits, and make suggestions about any public sector service topic.

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Beyond the usual "routine" service requests for things like potholes, signs down, lights out, and severe-weather event related issues, PSR handles any request for any topic.


Facility hours, dog tags, open fire permits, burial plots, even marriage license requests can be managed using PSR for a consistent "Customer" experience. No more frustration from not knowing which agency delivers what service.


Please encourage your local Public Sector Agencies to try it. You (and they) will love it!

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report municipal issues

Any type of Service Request, for any Department. No limits.

"Best-in-class Enterprise Customer Service Solution"

- Our clients

Customer Service Excellence

Designed and proven to be Simple, Effective and Affordable, we are also considered "Best-in-value".


By connecting the Public to the right Staff person at the right Service Provider, AND connecting Service Provider Staff to each other, internally and across service organizations, we are measurably increasing service delivery effectiveness and reducing costs across all departments in our client organizations.


Once sent, requestors are able to track the results. PSR keeps requestors informed of every change in the status of the request; Service Providers may even send information about the request (via our system so that identities are kept secure) with the ability for the requestor to respond and comment.

Transform your organization by making collaboration simple and effective.

Quickly respond to service requests, applications for permits or licenses and citizen inquiries.

Eliminate Public Frustration. PSR delivers requests to the right person in your Organization to ensure prompt, accurate response, and automatic feedback. Optional comprehensive Work Management functionality is included.


Through simple configuration PSR Clients actively reduce service delivery time and cost. PSR Clients use the system internally, across the enterprise, to streamline business processes.


Elected Officials love PSR for its ability to expedite incoming Service Requests, making Citizen outreach and engagement a simple process, with instant positive results.


PSR includes a full spectrum of service response analytics, map-based, chart-based, by department, by staff person, and summary progress-reporting.

Who we are?

"To continuously and measurably improve the Public Sector Customer Service experience, while reducing Public frustration, and lowering the costs of service delivery across-the-board"

- Our Mission

We are the "clearinghouse" for Public Sector Service Requests. We deliver all service requests, information request, or suggestions from the Public to the person responsible for dealing with the specific issue in the correct Service Provider Organization. Our system is completely cloud-based, easy to setup, and scalable to any size of Service Provider. Designed with focus on the mobile user, it runs on all current browsers and devices.

Where we are?

Public Service Request LLC
Madison WI 53704
+1 608.354.8972


Public Service Request Ltd.
London, CR6 9RN, UK
+44 20 3286 3464

Public Service Request Inc.
Pelham, Ontario, L0S 1E0
+1 289.697.4900


Public Service Request Inc.
Nimes, Gard, France
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